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victor; the warrior

Perhaps writing will be a good way for me to unload these abstract thoughts and realize them into legible, tangible pieces that could possibly impart wisdom of some sort to another party. I can only hope that my piece will touch someone’s heart gently or create a dent of impact on one’s pride.

Being submerged in a world of your thoughts, some days it feels peaceful - due to the slow pace and the lack of intense pressure to get things done at a snap of one’s fingers. But, some days, oh - some days, it feels like you’re suffocating and drowning in a pool of your own thoughts.

The slow and peaceful moments should not be mistaken as mere nonchalance; but rather, moments of seeking rest in the midst of the hustle and bustle. More often than not, you are required to react at the speed of the world at large- but you fail to understand that you are made in perfect speed for your very own journey. You need not conform.

You were given eyes to look forward on your own path, not to compare yourself to others. You were given a voice of authority to speak life over your situations, not to complain about the flaws of others. You were given ears to seek counsel from those who have gone before you, not to pay attention to gossip mongers. You were given a functional brain to create and innovate- new ways, methods, and solutions that may help alleviate suffering and adversities that our fellow brothers and sisters are facing on a daily basis.

But the paramount of your existence, is - without a doubt, your heart. Your heart is made to be soft, kind and compassionate. No matter how much pressure you feel, pain you suffer, or tears you cry - may you never allow it to harden your beautiful heart. You were never made to be a person of apathy, living life in a distance from community. You were not made to walk through life alone. You were made for love, and made to love.

These moments of struggle- these are the most beautiful moments in life. Not a long way down this path you’re on, you will stumble upon people with sadness in their eyes. & at first glance, you will recognize the struggle that they are facing.

You will understand the complexity in their thought process, know the exact words to say that will comfort them, yet give them just the right level of tenacity to push them forward.

And this, my loved one, is the core reason for your existence in each other’s lives. You are made to push each other further, to be a better version of yourselves but never to compare nor compete in any manner whatsoever. Hence, focus on your own journey, set an encouraging and uplifting attitude which will radiate from your inner-being.

Your finish line and mine could be worlds apart- but with kindness, love and compassion, our differences can and will be bridged. Continue being a blessing to others as you receive blessings from others.

You are love. You are loved. Love yourself. Love others. Be kind to one another.

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