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#AnxiousCounsellor: FACE COVID

The outbreak of COVID-19 has indeed impacted people on a global level. Among many global health, economic and societal disruptions, the pandemic in itself has forced many of us to break out from our comfort zones into making drastic changes in our lifestyle and habits. The accumulation of uncertainties surrounding the pandemic has fueled the growing sense of stress, anxiety and isolation among us.

And how does an anxious counsellor like me (yes, I am a trained, licensed counsellor, and I do experience anxiety too!) cope through all of this, you may ask? Well, I have both ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ days.

On my ‘good’ days, I feel confident and productive. I would be working through my to-do checklist and completing my tasks for the day and feeling really good about myself and efforts.

On my ‘not so good’ days, what shows up in my thoughts are persistent worries and self-doubt. I would be engaging in avoidance behaviors like procrastination and doing ANYTHING else but work. Subsequently, I would end up feeling bad and guilty for wasting the day resting and indulging in movie marathons (who else watched the entire series of Harry Potter more than once?). Are you experiencing a similar situation?